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Data Service

We have a third-party center for housing privately-owned servers and networking types of equipment for companies. This is referred to as Colocation. Instead of the in-house scenarios where the servers live within a room or a section of a company's own business infrastructure. We provide the option to "co-locate" equipment by renting out spaces in our colocation data center.


  • With colocation, companies share the cost of power, cooling, communication and data center floor space with other tenants. It is cheaper than building a new data center.

  • Companies can maintain their own equipment the same way they do when servers are installed in-house.

  • Instead of building a new data center, businesses can simply augment their current data center by using the space in our colocation facility.

  • Housing data-hardware in our colocation data center gives companies access to higher levels of bandwidth compared to a normal office server room at a much lower cost.

  • Protection from power outages because of the numerous data backups in place and provide low-latency networking options.

  • We  apply more stringent measures for securing data, such as CCTV monitoring, private suites, mantras, fire detection, and suppression systems.

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